Easter message at a Funeral

I have often wondered how  Easter is celebrated all over the world, and in so many ways,          the Gospel to the Pious or to the Pagan. Celebrate, but What?

The Risen Christ?

This week we have been going through the valley of death(literally, due to illness), I did fear the evil in my weakness. For the first time in our lives we wont be doing that bit of celebration like the pagans.   But of course we will celebrate Jesus as everyday. John 14:19 Because I live you also shall live.

The Easter message, comes to us as The Gospel to a dying man(literally or spiritually) as HOPE that there is life only through the risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,                      Now and Beyond.

Below is a link to a sermon preached by Don Carson on John 11, that has encouraged us during these tough days, hope it will be a blessing to your soul.

Video  A Miracle of Surprises, John 11


Audio  A Miracle of Surprises, John 11

Happy Easter

Sangster Sukumar

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