It was a great privilege to see the potter coming to SAIACS and do a demonstration for us on how to make pots. Though I was not there for the whole demonstration but the end, so let me share my reflection on it.

When I did arrive the potter was doing the finishing touches on the last pot that needed to be picked up.
The wheel was still spinning. As it moved it me encouraged that his work was not over. The newly moulded pot was still in production. On the spin, and the potter gently handling the pot. Slow and. Steady, he wasn’t harsh with the pot, but his hands were gentel. The potters hands were covered in the clay and the hands were constantly wet. Since the pot was in the stage of moulding.

The potter had a purpose, that was to make the pot. So the proces begins much earlier from a shapeless lump of clay. Well the clay itself runs through a number of stages of cleansing and purifying of all the impurities on it. And then it’s is trampled by the potter water is poured on top of it. Figuritavely it’s that unbearable pain for the clay. Where every area the water has to seep in and it has. To get ready to be used. Most of all the clay doesn’t have a choice to want impurities.
Once the clay is set, the potters makes sure of the wheel, if it is stable, so that it. Doesn’t loose it’s
Balance half way and loose the entire purpose. So with the speed the stability is imposed on the wheel. Once that is done. The potter starts to spin the wheel at a speed so that the wet clay just doesn’t fly away. He sits beside it starts to mould the clay at the same time water is sprinkled and poured so that the clay by becoming hard it may break away. The process of the potter is from the bottom to the top the shape appears, simultaneously there is a hand that runs inside and outside so that a better shape is formed. Once the clay takes the shape and he thinks it’s done. The potter scoops the pot away from the wheel that is still spinning. He is gentel but at the same time he is hard and strong. Of course for the pot to finish it has to go through the furnace for it to be usable. And then it comes out from the burning hot furnace and is ready to use.

In reflection to this we see God who is the potter at work in our very own lives. We are the clay, we have many impurities that need to be removed before we will be used. Though the analogy cannot be taken literally. But most things that are done can be adapted in our own lives. The clay us. The wheel, the water. But most importantly it’s the focus on God. As in Is 64:8 But now, O God, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
This reminds us that we are so much of God than us. When we are ready to be used, I am reminded by the verse in 2 Cor 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God…
The vision of the potter and the clay unfolds to us the picture that God is at work and the wheel that we are moulded on continues to spin.

Sangster Sukumar


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